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Disinfection Services

With 3 grades of disinfection, we've got you covered!

 We offer the disinfection of surfaces to a 6 log, hospital grade, cleaner as well as a reset of the airborne environment. This service is ideal for customers without a specific concern but want to improve the overall indoor air quality after a move, remediation, illness or other. It is designed to bring the treated area back to its natural state in a safe & effective manner. 

Grade 1 Disinfection

Level 1 Disinfection Service

Grade 1 disinfection includes manually wiping down ALL high-contact surfaces. Next, we apply an EPA registered disinfectant to kill airborne pathogens.

Grade 2 Disinfection


Grade 2 disinfection includes all of grade 1disinfection PLUS - We apply a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant that destroys 99.9999% of C. Dif spores at a six log kill rate. This is a hospital-grade disinfectant.

Grade 3 Disinfection


Grade 3 disinfection includes all of grade 1& 2 disinfection PLUS - We apply the same hydrogen peroxide in a dry gas form. This allows for maximum coverage on ALL areas including 

surfaces and the air.

We make the disinfection process simple, and we are careful to make sure it isn’t stressful for your family or office environment. Generally, our Disinfection services can usually be performed in as little as 1-2 days. Book an appointment for a FREE Visual Inspection today, or call us to talk first!

Mold is scary. We can take care of it quickly and safely!

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