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Mold Removal Experts

ProEnviro provides mold remediation and removal services for Residential, Commercial, and Municipal spaces. 

- We use plant-based enzymes to attack and remove mold from surfaces and the air.

- Our remediation protocols are strict and ensure the highest level of safety for you and your family.

- We can successfully remediate mold and mycotoxins in as little as 1-2 days!


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Our Services


Mold Removal & Remediation

We safely remove mold from your home using strict protocols and natural products. 



We have 3 levels of Disinfection services available to help you get back to work, or clear a space after a contamination issue.


Mold Testing and Assessment

Mold Testing can help us evaluate high mold levels, even if visual signs of mold aren't present.

How We Treat Mold

Learn more about how ProEnviro can help you keep your home environment safe.

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